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          Under what circumstances need to use the diagonal down mode four - roll plate winder


          Safety operation rules of plate winding machine:

          1, winding machine must be responsible for the management of special personnel.

          2, the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the winding machine and the use of the method, agreed by the responsible manager, can be operated.

          3, before starting, carefully check whether the safety device is in good condition.

          4, when operating, hands and feet are strictly prohibited on the roller and transmission parts and workpiece.

          5, work interruption, should be the clutch to neutral.

          6, multi-person collaborative operation must have special command.

          7, Overload is strictly prohibited.

          8, The lifting and reversing of the upper roller, the dumping reset of the bearing and the balance of the upper roller, must be carried out after the main drive stops.

          9, It is forbidden to pile up workpieces and sundries in the work site, and keep the machine tools and the site clean at all times.

          10, the operation is finished, should cut off the power supply, and lock the power box.

          The four-roller bending machine is composed of four rollers. The upper roller is mainly driven and the position of the upper roller is fixed. The two ends of the lower roller are driven by the hydraulic cylinder. The lower roller can be raised to clamp the plate head with the upper roller, and bend the head at both ends of the plate according to the distance between the side roller and the upper roller. Then the lower roll drops, the two side rolls rise, and the plate bends into a cylinder. Any machine should be operated correctly in accordance with the requirements of the process. Let's talk about the correct operation method of the four-roller bending machine.

          Preparations are generally made in the following aspects:

          1. Define machine functions

          Plate rolling machine is a kind of common forging machine equipment that can bend and roll non-metallic sheet metal into cone, spherical body, cylinder or other shapes. This performance is widely used in manufacturing, boiler steam, chemical industry, non-metallic structure and machine building.

          Understand the working principle of the machine

          Four-roll rolling machine and three-roll rolling machine roller motion form is different, but the working principle is the same, are using the principle of three-point circle to carry out different radius rolling. The position of the upper roller is fixed, and the lower roller moves upward in a straight line to clamp the steel plate. The curvature radius of the drum can be adjusted by moving the roller up in a straight line or arc.