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          MTW11X horizontal adjustable plate winding machine

        2. Product brand:Nantong mingtai
        3. Product model:MTW11X
        4. Product units:Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., LTD
        5. Product origin:Jiangsu haian
        6. Hotline:13906277108
        7. Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise specializing in the production of forging equipment. It has been committed to the development, design and production of plate rolling machine and hydraulic press for a long time.
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          Performance Characteristics

                MTW11X Series Horizontal Downward Adjusting Plate Rolling Machine, the lifting of the upper roller and the horizontal movement of the lower roller are hydraulically driven, the main cylinder is downward-mounted, and synchronized by computer control. The equipment has a compact structure, small external dimensions, high precision of rolled products, and is especially suitable for cold and hot plate rolling machines.

        9. 產品品牌:
        10. 產品型號:MTW11X
        11. 生產單位:
        12. 產品產地:
        13. 咨詢熱線:
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