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          MTW11 Marine plate winding machine

        2. Product brand:Nantong mingtai
        3. Product model:MTW11
        4. Product units:Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., LTD
        5. Product origin:Jiangsu haian
        6. Hotline:13906277108
        7. Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise specializing in the production of forging equipment. It has been committed to the development, design and production of plate rolling machine and hydraulic press for a long time.
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          • Details

          Technical Parameters


          Performance Characteristics

                The machine structure type is three-roller symmetrical, the upper roller in the two lower rollers in the central symmetrical position for vertical lifting movement, through the hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic oil acting on the piston rod and get, for hydraulic transmission, the two lower rollers for rotary movement, through the output gear reducer gears and the lower rollers gear mesh, to provide torque for the rolled sheet, in the two lower rollers are equipped with a number of groups of rollers to improve the stiffness of the lower roller, and can be adjusted vertically; in the upper roller The upper part of the upper roller is equipped with a rigid beam, and there are several groups of rollers between the beam and the upper roller to improve the stiffness of the upper roller; it is suitable for rolling of ultra-wide arc-shaped parts.

        9. 產品品牌:
        10. 產品型號:MTW11
        11. 生產單位:
        12. 產品產地:
        13. 咨詢熱線:
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