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          YMT30 series single column hydraulic press

        2. Product brand:Nantong mingtai
        3. Product model:YMT30
        4. Product units:Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., LTD
        5. Product origin:Jiangsu haian
        6. Hotline:13906277108
        7. Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise specializing in the production of forging equipment. It has been committed to the development, design and production of plate rolling machine and hydraulic press for a long time.
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          • Details

          Technical Parameters


          Performance Characteristics

                Adopting computer optimized structural design, C-type single-arm structural mechanism, good rigidity, simple structure, easy to operate;

                The whole machine is welded with steel plate and tempered by fireplace;

                Hydraulic control utilizes an integrated system of two-way cartridge valves for reliable operation, long service life, low hydraulic shock, and reduced link management and leakage points;

                The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure pre-discharge device, the hydraulic shock is small;

                Independent electrical control system, reliable work, intuitive action, easy maintenance;

                Adopt button centralized control, with adjustment, manual, semi-automatic (semi-automatic can be divided into fixed range single and fixed pressure single two kinds of process) three kinds of operation;

                The working pressure of the slider, the travel range of no-load rapid descent and slow working advance can be adjusted according to the process needs;

                Normal control system or servo control system can be selected.

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        10. 產品型號:YMT30
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