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          YMT28 (K) series four column, frame type double action drawing hydraulic press

        2. Product brand:Nantong mingtai
        3. Product model:YMT28(K)
        4. Product units:Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., LTD
        5. Product origin:Jiangsu haian
        6. Hotline:13906277108
        7. Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise specializing in the production of forging equipment. It has been committed to the development, design and production of plate rolling machine and hydraulic press for a long time.
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          • Details

          Technical Parameters


          Performance Characteristics

                Computer optimized design, the body can be four-column or frame structure. Four-column structure, simple, economical and practical; frame-type tie rod preload structure, high precision, good rigidity, four-corner eight-face guide, high guiding precision, strong resistance to partial load; new cylinder sealing elements, high reliability, long life; moving table, convenient for mold replacement; stretching, crimping slider can be connected as a single unit through the locating pins, to achieve the single-action process action of the machine-liquid integration of safety devices such as the cylinder under the chamber support circuit, the cylinder upper and lower chamber interlocking circuit and other security superior; imported PLC control, work sensitive and high. The safety devices of machine-hydraulic integration, such as cylinder lower chamber supporting circuit, cylinder upper and lower chamber interlocking circuit, etc., are superior; imported PLC control, high working sensitivity.

          Field of application

                This series of presses are suitable for all deep drawing processes, especially for the following fields: all kinds of containers (stainless steel, aluminum, enamel baths, pressure vessels, stainless steel washing tanks); all kinds of automobile cover parts; household appliance parts; kitchen utensils; tractors, motorcycles, aerospace, aviation table, chemical industry and other industries.

          Optional accessories

                ●Punching buffers

                ●Slide proportional speed control device

                ●Proportional speed control device for crimping slider

                ●Light curtain safety protection device

                ●Oil Cooling Device Mold Protection Device

                ●Displacement Sensor

                ●Touch Screen Industrial Display

                ●Material handling device (hydraulic or mechanical)

                ●Floating guides and rolling frames for mold change, quick clamping mechanism for molds, lubrication device.

          Operational Schematic


        9. 產品品牌:
        10. 產品型號:YMT28(K)
        11. 生產單位:
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