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          YMT97 series hydraulic pump

        2. Product brand:Nantong mingtai
        3. Product model:YMT97
        4. Product units:Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., LTD
        5. Product origin:Jiangsu haian
        6. Hotline:13906277108
        7. Nantong Mingtai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise specializing in the production of forging equipment. It has been committed to the development, design and production of plate rolling machine and hydraulic press for a long time.
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          • Details

          Technical Parameters


          Performance Characteristics

                This series of hydraulic press consists of four parts: mainframe, power mechanism, electrical control system and water-increasing cylinder. The host adopts three-beam and four-column structure, the power mechanism consists of integrated valve plate and pipeline connection, and the action of the host is centrally controlled by the PLC through the button to control the solenoid valve. The electrical control system adopts imported PLC components, and control the sequence of solenoid valve action and self-locking, and at the same time has an overload protection, short-circuit protection system. Increase the water cylinder through the liquid energy conversion to produce water expansion force so as to achieve the completion of any mold cavity expansion process This series of hydraulic press has a unique function of water up molding, suitable for stainless steel products mainly expansion process, especially for automotive tailpipe, insulation cups, coffee pots with high production efficiency, with a fixed range, fixed-pressure process, the product has a wide range of uses.

                Craft action fast down, slow down, close the mold, keep pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure relief, open the mold, take the embryo, this hydraulic press action is reliable, easy to operate and maintain, it is the ideal equipment for the production of automobile tailpipe, thermal insulation cup.

          Processing of finished parts


        9. 產品品牌:
        10. 產品型號:YMT97
        11. 生產單位:
        12. 產品產地:
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